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Aggarwal Edible Oil Mill

We are  leading oil company aims at providing pure , nutrients rich edible oils for giving you a healthy lifestyle . We provide a wide array of products including kacchi ghani mustard oil , pakki ghani mustard oil , refined soyabean oil, refined palmolein oil and refined groundnut oil . We make sure hygiene levels in the entire process of oil manufacturing, and thus provide you safe and hygienic oils . Thus our entire goal is to provide people ‘Purity with Health’ With traditional oils like pakki and kacchi ghani , beneficial for mind and body .

Seeing Our Brands

purity guranteed


Tangewala, a trusted brand of Aggarwal Oil Mills, specializes in processing and marketing high-quality oils, emphasizing taste and health. Offering a range including Pakki/Kacchi Ghani, palm, and refined soybean oil, we are a homegrown favorite in multiple regions.


4HILLS by Aggarwal Oil Mills focuses on processing and marketing premium oils, prioritizing a balance between taste and health. Specializing in Pakki/Kacchi Ghani mustard oil, refined soybean, and palm oil, we uphold high standards in procurement, production, and packaging.

purity guranteed